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Moling Services

We are seeing an awful lot of fibre broadband ducting being installed in and around Shipston.

It appears to be put in the pavements with a junction point to houses

The thing is though, when people sign up to these Fibre broadband services, do they know how the final connection from the junction points in the pavement to their house is made?

Will they have to have their drives or front gardens dug up, and if so, who pays for this?

If people don’t want trenches dug is Moling another option where a company comes along, digs a small trench at each end and used an impact mole to get the fibre cable from the pavement to the house.

I was looking at the website of one of these Moling Contractors and it looks like the moles are big enough to install ducting, so assume this can be done

Moling Services