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Dangerous Parking Outside Shipston High School

There always appears to be plenty of spare car parking spaces outside Shipston Leisure Centre when I go to pick my lad up from Shipston High School in the afternoons.

So why is it there always appears to be at least 2 or 3 cars parked half on the road, half on the pavement on the corner as you enter Shipston Leisure Centre?

It is literally no more than 20 yards to the parking spaces yet these inconsiderate parents would rather put children at risk by dangerously parking here than going that extra 20 yards.

This is right where some children try to cross and is an accident waiting to happen.

If you are one of the parents who park here – please show a little more consideration and common sense by parking in a safer place before you cause an accident.

I had enough of if this afternoon and suggested to one of the drivers that they should be a bit more considerate and not park so dangerously, the look she gave me implied I was in the wrong for pointing out to her how dangerous I thought it was.

I have now contacted Shipston High School about this, hopefully they will do something about it before a child gets hurt.

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